Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Colors of Winter

This is the time of year when the landscape looks, to me, as if it has been embroidered by richly colored threads onto pale silk.
The fine bare limbs of the willow trees are an incredible bright gold now. Leafless shrubs and hedges are alive with intense purples and reds against their backdrops of sleeping fields. I love the palette, and the pen and ink quality of the lines in the winter landscape. If you look closely at the branches, you can see the tiny buds that mean everything is about to change again, and very soon! That means a completely new, beautiful palette. Never a dull moment, in the natural world.

The new year is well under way, and I sincerely hope it has started off in an inspired and happy way for all of you.

I'm nearly ready to publish my 2011 workshop schedule! Dates and locations will be posted to my blog very soon. This year, in response to requests, I plan to offer three separate one day workshops, that will be held over consecutive days in most locations. It's fine to choose to attend just one, ala carte. If you would like to participate in more than one, you will receive a package discount. The classes this year will be:
1) Alternative Techniques Overview: Lecture, demos, intro to materials. No hands on.  
2) Hand-Painting Intensive: Hands on, all day, learn to paint on digital prints.
3) Photoshop Step-by-Step Immersion: Hands on, basic knowledge of tools  required. Bring your own laptop with Photoshop.
So far, classes are shaping up to take place in Southern California, Northern California, Washington and British Columbia.

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Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love the "pen and ink quality of the lines in the winter landscape." Me too! I hope a workshop is coming near me!