Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Solstice Eclipse

A few nights ago, some of us stood out in the orchard, bundled in coats and boots, trying to get a glimpse of the moon, as it appeared and disappeared behind clouds. It was the first time an eclipse has landed on winter solstice in 372 years!  It was an impressive, sort of startling sight - the sliver of eclipsed moon that we did see, and worth the wait in the cold. But, I must say, so was the soft glow of colored lights strung haphazardly in the single apple tree in the expanse of country darkness in front of us.
Here in the north, during these dark winters, like moths to a flame, we look to light to warm our souls;  The moon and stars, strings of holiday lights, candles on the dining table, bonfires built from branches downed by storms....alone and together, we are illuminated.
Solstice means the big light of the sun is just around the corner.
Now is the time I like to appreciate the hush that is this moment in between.

Here are some beautiful words that come to mind at this time.

The Light is inviting you
to it’s glorious banquet
but you will have to travel
the full length of the darkness
alone with your faith
to get there.

-Excerpt from "The Spring" by Laurent Boucher, musician/writer extraordinaire- Salt Spring Island. 

May you all be well and happy this holiday, and in the new year ahead.

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