Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer, Shows, and the Beauty in Change

As mid summer heads into late summer, blackberries are ripening on the vine, grasses are golden, and market stands are piled with beautiful produce.

In parallel to the fruition happening all around, i’ve been finishing new work for two shows here on Salt Spring this month (see below). It has been an amazing process, and i'm thrilled with how they're coming along. If you're anywhere nearby when they're up, I hope you'll be able to come see.

One of my pieces is a celebration and study of purple thistles.
The other day, to reference the color, I cut a stem of thistles from just outside the studio and put it in a vase of water near my easel where i’m hand-painting my prints for the show. 

As the hot afternoon sun came throught the window of my studio and warmed up the thistle, it burst open before my eyes, releasing it’s delicate seeds which tumble-floated down all over, onto the floor and into my cans of paintbrushes.

The same day, I happened to hear this song on the radio - Nina Simone singing “Everything must change”.
Nina sings the song with such heart and soul, sad and sweet yet infused with a quiet power.
It got me thinking about that thistle, and just how exquisitely it handles change.
I want to be like that.

I think change itself is a form of beauty, a beauty that thrills and aches at once.


Hosted by the Salt Spring Arts Council, Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island

Photosynthesis - Group photography show, August 22-Sept 4.  Artspring, Salt Spring Island.

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