Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camera, Paintbrush, Pencil, Pen

Once I read a beautiful quote..I believe it comes from ancient China and goes something like, Hand, eye, heart, two won't do.
Sometimes I think of that when I work because of my constant desire to keep my hands and my eyes and my heart in my pictures.

I'm excited about the fact that the sister worlds of photography and painting & drawing will meet and play together, this fall in Spain!

I recently went to Vancouver to visit with the Flavour of Spain workshop hosts, Mike and Hilary Powell, and Gail Short, who will be teaching alongside me the same week.  Gail and I were so happy to finally meet one another, and talk about our upcoming workshops.

We have decided to act on inspiration and create a format in which our participants (and the two of us) will be able to enjoy the best of each of our worlds- photography and painting & sketching! 
We plan to organize our days so that everyone will be have opportunities to learn from both Gail and me, and/or focus on their preferred medium intensively.

Gail will be teaching small format pen, pencil and paint techniques for participants with any and all levels of experience. She is a lively and lovely, fun person. I am so looking forward to working with her. I totally marveled at Gail's tiny pouch of materials, in which she keeps all the tools she needs to create her amazing beautiful sketchbook journals, like the one she shared with us over lunch. I'm inspired!
Here is a link to Gails website.

If you’ve still been considering coming to Spain, jump in -you’re not too late. There are 2 spots left, last I checked.  Call Cindy Horton as soon as possible, if you’re interested. She’s the agent for Flavor of Spain. She can answer any questions or help you book your flight. October 7-16. It’s sure to be a lot of fun.
Cindy Tel: 604-926-8511

Toll Free: 1-800-661-7176

Above: Me and Gail Short, Gail unpacking her little bag of magic, 
our incredibly wonderful hosts of Flavour of Spain, Mike and Hilary Powell.
I've learned that they really know Spain! And I can tell that they truly love art, people, and travel, going about all of it with great humour, constant enthusiasm, and delicious food and wine.

Gails beautiful sketchbook and exceedingly portable supplies!


Unknown said...

wow! so excited for you! Gail's sketches are amazing. Miss you!!

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Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Propelpmc