Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where I've Been

I’ve just returned to Salt Spring Island after a long visit to gorgeous northern California.  What started out as holidays with the family, ended up being a four month adventure - including an entire one fourth of 2013!

My good intentions to share the experience along the way, via my blog, went wayside. I'm not as up to speed as my insta-gramming daughters! 
Instead, I nearly abandoned the computer, and like a honeybee in a clover field, I buzzed around from place to place, giving my whole attention, at any given moment, to family, friends, trees, flowers, whale spotting, stars, rest, exploration, art, audiobooks, …. I guess I needed that. 2012, after all, was a big year.

Then, sure enough, coinciding with the arrival of wildflowers and the eager new grass, my batteries began to feel re-charged, my soul inspired, and my compass pointed north toward my studio.  

When I turned the key and opened the door to my little studio on Salt Spring a few days ago, I felt the kindness of the warm welcome by an old friend. And, that’s a feeling I am fortunate to say I know well. Love to all of you who opened your hearts and homes to me during the past amazing four months!
Here’s a postcard sampling of a few of the beautiful things I saw. They're almost in 
chronological order...

Cheers, Amy

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