Thursday, December 6, 2012

More about SPAIN in 2013!

Greetings ~
If you have been contemplating jumping in for the fun in Spain next October 7-15,  there is still time to claim a spot or two!  Mike and Hilary, hosts of the "Flavour of Spain" getaways sent some photos recently to offer a peek at what the experience looks like. They've just returned from Andalucia, after a great 2012 season- sounded amazing. I am so looking forward to next fall. Whenever a group of people gather together in the spirit of creativity, and in a beautiful place no less, the odds are in our favour  for an inspiring alchemy to occur, leading to exciting results.

I've made a little collage with some of the photos from my recent Salt Spring
workshops. It was an incredibly creative summer! I'll post again soon, sharing some details and images of the work we did together.

To Register for my workshop in Spain, October 7-15, 2013 contact:
Cindy Horton at Travel Concepts
Cindy Tel: 604-926-8511
Toll Free: 1-800-661-7176