Saturday, March 6, 2010

Suddenly Spring

About two weeks ago, I noticed the first blossoms
of spring, on a single tree near my home on Salt Spring. Now, we are surrounded by flowers.
Every year, it's startling--in a good way!
Thursday, I was on Vancouver Island, about a hour north of here, and the
first blossoms were just appearing on trees there.
I realize that the parade likely passed weeks ago in places like California.
I've always thought it would be fun to plan a trip around following the blossoming.

Here in the north, we endure long, dark winters. It is true that it
is darkest just before the dawn. These cheerful little messengers of the coming sun are always a welcome sight.

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Christhephotog said...

Hi Amy,
I hope you are getting springlike weather and that your workshops are going well. How are Larry and the girls doing?

I like your image it has a very strong Japanese feel to it.

God bless,