Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Happens

Greetings. It's a quiet January day in the studio. Even the parakeet seems to be in a gathering her thoughts kind of mood.
Art is one of the best ways I know to sift through the experience of life. I think, in fact, that our lives are part of the artwork of the world.
I've been traveling over this last week, which was one of storms, earthquakes, and politics, work, ideas and family. Navigating my way through everything as best I could, the events of the week were woven together by moments of beauty : In the branches of a tree in a parking lot, in the sparkling sidewalk in North Beach, in the Chinese child huddled up against his fathers legs as they both press against a wall to wait out a downpour. It was beautiful how fast, and how much the world gathered up to rush and help Haiti. It was beautiful to hug family, to hear laughter, and to meet people who are realizing their dreams, and who are just beginning to dream.
I didn't have a camera with me this week. But that's okay. The art still happens.

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